Roof Inspection with Thermography

Using a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera allows Can-Explore to inspect roofs and quickly identify areas where water has infiltrated. Since a roof’s heat does not dissipate at the same rate when its insulating material is damp, this method can pinpoint areas where water has started to penetrate the covering material. Because of this information, it is very easy to prevent:

  • Water infiltrating a building;
  • Deficient sealing of the building envelope;
  • Loss of heat through the roof.

This type of inspection requires certain weather conditions, the main ones being:

  • The inspection must be conducted in the spring, summer or fall;
  • There must be no liquid precipitation in the previous 24 hours, but at least one episode within the previous 72 hours;
  • The inspection must be conducted after sunset.

Can-Explore’s team has its Level 1 Infrared Thermography Certification (ITC)

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